fredag den 6. maj 2011

Swedish style!

You don't know the meaning of the word EPIC, before watching this: 
Because this is EPIC!

"It's good for you"

torsdag den 7. april 2011

I hope I can get more viewers... soon... ^^

The next uploads is going to be about, epic, epic, epic themes.
I have already uploaded one of my favorite themes ^^
Here is another awesome theme :)

The best band from Germany.

I have learned more German from Rammstein, than I have from the school O.o
Do anybody agree with me?
And of course I have seen them live !

First Thursday in April.

I really love these themes, I hope You will as well ^^ 

torsdag den 31. marts 2011

Thrash Metal.

Watch my channel every Thursday, and maybe other days for new songs, that you probably haven't heard yet :P Like this one:
Just listen to this intro >

torsdag den 24. marts 2011

Hello Everybody !?

I'm here to share music to all of you and allot more of !#$%....
Why am I doing this?
Because I have no choice.
I have already uploaded 2 links, it's from the band Blue Stahli.
So I will upload more links... soon.....

More music...

Here is some more music from Blue Stahli